November 2020

The Drum Awards – Deaf Works Everywhere win:

The Buffini Chao Foundation have been supporting the National Deaf Children’s Society’s Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB) since 2011.  Each Board is made up of 19 deaf young people from across the UK, aged between 13-16, who have varying levels of deafness and communicate in different ways.  The YAB helps shape and support the services that the National Deaf Children’s Society provides and each board leads on a National campaign.

The 2018-2020 YAB worked in partnership with the charity’s Deaf Works Everywhere campaign, which aims to get more deaf young people into work – and into jobs that inspire them.

It was announced on the 10th of November that the Deaf Works Everywhere Campaign video had won the Best Not-For-Profit or Charity Content Marketing Campaign at The Drum Content Awards 2020!

Watch the Deaf Works Everywhere campaign video:

It was one of only two entries that were singled out for particular praise and judge Paps Shaikh said: “The campaign illustrated clearly and succinctly the wide array of professions a deaf person can achieve, which is almost anything based on the video we saw.  The Campaign was powerful, inspiring and the use of real people brought the video to life…as a non-deaf person and employer it raised my awareness of deaf children and the limitations they may place upon themselves and how the workplace must change to encourage deaf children to reach for the sky.”

The National Deaf Children’s Society YAB Alumni are absolutely thrilled with the win:

This is FANTASTIC news!

Such an amazing achievement to have, I am so proud of myself and everyone who took part. I would love to also thank you all [at the National Deaf Children’s Society] for your support and the hard work that you put in into supporting us, you were our rock and held us at tough times and motivated us to do more and to fight for what we want… Jayden, London

 Oh my goodness!!!! That’s amazing!!

Thank you so so so much for helping us make this happen, Rosie [Participation Manager at the National Deaf Children’s Society], we couldn’t have done it without you! It’s been an incredible 2 years, I’m so glad we got to finish our campaign before the pandemic and still do the residential.

Thank you so much!!… Ida- South West