November 2023

On 2 November 2023 Sir Damon and Lady Buffini visited Kachuru Primary School in the Bukedea district in rural north east Uganda.  It took many hours by car from Uganda’s capital Kampala but they finally arrived at 4 pm to an expectant school. It was a long awaited visit by the Foundation – the Foundation had supported the school since 2007 – from building 2 new classroom blocks (when previously lessons had been conducted in a temporary mud structure open to all weathers) to latrines plus learning materials provided for home learning during the Covid school lock down and then supporting the school to be ready once Covid restrictions had lessened and children were able to go back to school.

The whole school (600 pupils), the headteacher, teachers and parents’ committee gave Sir Damon and Lady Buffini a most warm welcome. This was followed by a tour of the school as well as joyful presentations involving singing and dancing.  It was an uplifting  occasion.

As a gesture of thanks the parents offered a handsome goat to Sir Damon and Lady Buffini which has had to be left with the parents till next time!