London Children's Ballet

London Children’s Ballet (LCB) is a performance company focused on changing lives through dance.



LCB offers extensive training and performance opportunities for talented children – regardless of their financial circumstance. All places in the main and touring companies are free of charge and children are chosen solely on their ability to perform. LCB’s main production occurs annually at the Peacock Theatre in London’s West End. Central to LCB’s mission is enabling those who would not otherwise be able to see ballet, due to cost, isolation or lack of previous engagement with the arts, to enjoy doing so.

With the support of the Buffini Chao Foundation, LCB is able to provide 2,000 tickets to the annual production for just £1 (25% of all tickets available).

These £1 tickets go to specially chosen primary schools in London’s most disadvantaged communities and to charities for disabled children. This support also enables LCB to deliver workshops to schools in advance of the production, ensuring all the children get the most out of the experience.

“Many in the audience have never been to the theatre before, and for the majority this is their first experience of ballet. The performance provides a huge amount of enjoyment for both the audience and the performers involved” – London Children’s Ballet