Music Masters is an award-winning charity giving young people access to extraordinary music.



Music Masters aims to expose young people from diverse communities to music in all its forms, but education, making, experience, delivery and ultimately leadership are paramount. Particularly, they advocate for positive change in the diversity of the classical music sector and the organisations within it.

Music Masters Learning, their flagship programme, works with partner primary schools across London to teach violin or cello to over 1,300 children per week in areas with above average levels of economic deprivation. In this way, MM enables young people to demonstrate their creativity through music regardless of their background.

The Buffini Chao Foundation supports Music Masters Learning in St Barnabus Primary School in the borough of Westminster, London. This support helps to deliver outstanding music education that is free or low-cost to families often struggling financially.

The programme builds self-confidence and produces a lasting impact on the social, educational and cultural development of the children it works with.  Thanks to donations from the Buffini Chao Foundation, Music Masters can build internal and external capacity, contribute to sustainability and improve planning and leadership development.

“We are immensely grateful to the Buffini Chao Foundation for supporting and advocating for our work.  Music has the power to create a level playing field within a landscape of huge inequality, providing all young people with tools and opportunities which could prove life-changing.  Our work paves the way for young people to develop a lifelong love for music right from their earliest experiences of musical learning, through to accessing the music sector as a career, should they wish” – Roz DeVille, Chief Executive Officer, Music Masters