The Royal Ballet School, an international centre of excellence with a world-class ballet school at the core of all we do.



The Royal Ballet School trains the best and the brightest artists, and our eminent roll call of alumni have been making their mark on a global scale, both within the world of dance and beyond, for almost 100 years.  The School works to ensure we provide the best possible  environment for both education, training and home life for our students to thrive and rely on generous philanthropy to maintain the world-leading standards the School has worked nearly 100 years to cultivate.  Our generous philanthropists are key to our survival.  As Student Sponsors, the Buffini Chao Foundation enables the School to counteract the unparalleled challenges faced in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis and the deflated global economy by providing vital tuition, boarding and maintenance support for a specific year group.  This establishes parity of experience for each student and relieves the extreme financial pressure that over 90% of our young dancers and their families face.

Our objectives remain clear:  We plan to continue placing the student at the heart of everything that we do, and to never turn a student away due to financial hardship.  Our goal is to be at the forefront of ballet and to raise standards within the sector.

By developing our digital capabilities and implementing strategic use of curated content, audience engagement, and external partnerships, we intend to enhance our reach and value to society, inspiring and influencing a broader audience and maintaining our position as the world’s best ballet school.  The School and its students thank the Foundation for their committed and impactful support of the Student Sponsorship Programme and the next generation of artistic leaders.

“No words can match the gratitude I feel for everything Student Sponsorship has provided me. It is so much more than just a scholarship, it has given me three of the best years of my life. Alongside providing me with the best possible ballet training, Student Sponsors have helped me grow as a person in so many aspects of my life. I will forever keep benefiting from my Sponsors’ generosity in my career. I am eternally thankful”  – Milda Lukute, Pre-professional student 2022/2023