The Wave Project

The Wave Project uses surfing to help young people grow in self-confidence and improve resilience.



The Wave Project runs two main programmes, ‘surf therapy’ and ‘beach school’ – both of which have been funded by the Buffini Chao Foundation. These programmes have been independently evaluated and proven to help young people feel more positive about themselves and calmer around others. This enables them to make new friends, build better social relationships and overcome other challenges they face in their lives.

The Buffini Chao Foundation has significantly supported The Wave Project every year since 2014. The Foundation has funded the Beach School programme for three years, enabling it to grow and support over 30 schools each year in Cornwall.

Now, the Foundation provides on-going support for the surf therapy programme, helping it to reach the county’s most vulnerable children. Support from the Buffini Chao Foundation has contributed significantly to the success of The Wave Project allowing for the development of new ideas and approaches and an increased focus on what works for children.

“The Trustees are willing to listen to new ideas and take a supportive and empathetic approach to funding which, as a small charity, we find incredibly valuable” – The Wave Project